Who We Are

The core values of Wild Acre and Mental Health Solutions are integrity, commitment to quality, and dedication to collaborative care. Wild Acre strives to prepare individuals with the skills needed to attain their highest level of independence.

What We Do

Wild Acre and Mental Health Solutions provides flexible treatment designed to meet the needs of each individual. Our continuum of care services includes Residential Programs, Supportive Apartments, Case Management, and Home Care Services.

 Check out the four-minute documentary, The Journey to Clark’s Manor, created by Elwyn, following the personal and moving story of a prominent Philadelphia family and their experience with chronic mental illness which led them to Wild Acre and Mental Health Solutions.



Wild Acre Belmont

Wild Acre Belmont is a Department of Mental Health licensed community residential program providing a therapeutic setting and intensive care management for up to 16 adults. The program strives to support residents in increasing their independence and achieving a fulfilling life.

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Wild Acre Cushing

The Wild Acre Cushing residence serves adults looking to develop the skills necessary to achieve a higher level of independence. The program focuses on educational and vocational goals.

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Wild Acre Waverley

Wild Acre Waverley Residence, our newest residence, serves adults who are looking to achieve and maintain recovery from addiction. This program provides a safe and healthy living environment.

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Supportive Apartments

Wild Acre offers supportive apartments in Belmont, Watertown, and Cambridge for individuals who are capable of living independently with some support and who would benefit from living with others.

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Home-Based Case Management

We use a dynamic, multidisciplinary approach that offers individuals the level of support and services they need, when they need it, and in a setting where they live.

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