Admission Information

The team at Wild Acre and Mental Health Solutions is dedicated to creating an individualized program to suit your needs.

We believe working with your existing clinical team is vital to the continuity of therapeutic care. We provide comprehensive clinical case management and housing options that empower individuals to improve their lives.

Admissions at Wild Acre and Mental Health Solutions begins with an initial screening, followed by treatment planning, and a plan for transition. If you are interested in Wild Acre or looking for more information, please visit our contact page or contact the Director of Admissions, Aria Weissman, at (617) 826 -1040 or via email at:  [email protected]

Initial Screening

Referrals can be made from an individual, family member, clinician, or psychiatrist. The initial screening starts with a confidential conversation.

Please contact the Director of Admissions, Aria Weissman, at (617) 826 -1040,  email [email protected] or visit our contact page to start the admission process and discuss our highly individualized services and programs.

Treatment Planning

After review of the initial screening information, the Director of Admissions will make arrangements with the applicant and their family for a pre-admission interview.

A treatment plan is developed utilizing the clinical assessment and in consultation with the individual’s treatment team.

Plan for Transition

The Director of Admissions and the admissions team will work closely with an individual’s treatment team to ensure a smooth transition to one of our programs.

Contact Us

617.826.1040 / 617.484.5705

Aria Weissman, LICSW Director of Admissions & Clinical Services